Sugary Song Contest
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Also known as SSC
Genre Song contest
Created by France Estelle
Developed by France Estelle
Creative director(s) France Estelle
Language(s) English
Running time About 3 weeks
Original run 14th September 2014 – present
Editions 19
Specials 1
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Sugary Song Contest (abbreviated SSC), is a song contest held on YouTube.

Each member country submits a song to be performed and then votes for the other countries songs to determine the best song in the competition. The contest has started on 8th September, 2014 it is inspired by Eurovision Song Contest, which is an annual competition held among many of the active member countries of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU).


The first contest was held in the town of Bratislava, Slovakia, starting with the grand final on 14th September 2014, the final results took place on 19th September 2014. 11 countries participated. The first contest was won by Slovakia, Poland finished on the 2nd place, while United Kingdom got the 3rd position.

Competition historyEdit


Host City



2nd Place


3rd Place


#01 Slovakia Bratislava Slovakia Slovakia 81 Poland Poland 73 United Kingdom United Kingdom 71
#02 Slovakia Kosice Poland Poland 78 Czech Republic Czech Republic 76 Australia Australia 69
#03 Poland Warsaw US Virgin Islands US Virgin Islands 85 Slovakia Slovakia 79 United Kingdom United Kingdom 66
#04 US Virgin Islands Saint Croix US Virgin Islands US Virgin Islands 85 Slovakia Slovakia 78 Romania Romania 70
#05 US Virgin Islands Saint Thomas Spain Spain 82 Ukraine Ukraine 81 Russia Russia 74
#06 Spain Barcelona Poland Poland 79 Nauru Nauru 60 Russia Russia 59
#07 Poland Krakow Åland Åland 93 Slovakia Slovakia 92 Spain Spain 76
#08 Åland Mariehamn Åland Åland 78 Lithuania Lithuania 73 USA USA 63
#09 Åland Jomala United Kingdom United Kingdom 94 British Virgin Islands British Virgin Islands 91 Poland Poland 75
#10 United Kingdom London Trinidad and Tobago Trinidad and Tobago 125 Georgia Georgia 99 Belgium Belgium 98
#11 Trinidad and Tobago Port of Spain France France 112 Moldova Moldova 101 Gibraltar Gibraltar 96
#12 France Paris Puerto Rico Puerto Rico 112 Gibraltar Gibraltar 111 Sweden Sweden 110
#13 Puerto Rico San Juan Italy Italy 116 France France 102 Sweden Sweden 100
#14 Italy Rome Japan Japan 117 Gibraltar Gibraltar 115 Australia Australia 114
#15 Japan Tokyo Lithuania Lithuania 110 Poland Poland 109 United Kingdom United Kingdom 109
#16 Lithuania Vilnius Japan Japan 115 Cyprus Cyprus 106 Netherlands Netherlands 103
#17 Japan Yokohama Norway Norway 111 Canada Canada 106 Sweden Sweden 106
#18 Norway Oslo Georgia Georgia 135 US Virgin Islands US Virgin Islands 111 Greece Greece 107
#19 Georgia Tbilisi Australia Australia 141 Sweden Sweden 140 Canada Canada 99
#20 Australia Canberra TBA TBA TBA TBA TBA TBA

Selection proceduresEdit

Each country must submit one song to represent them in any given edition they participate.

Countries may select their songs by an internal decision of the participating contry or a public contest that allows the country's public to televote between several songs, these public selections are known as national finals.

Regardless of the method used to select the entry, the song's details must be finalised and submitted before a deadline some days before the international contest.


The voting system is the same used in Eurovision Song Contest, which has been in place since 1975, and is a positional voting system. Countries award a set of points from 1 to 8, then 10 and finally 12 to other songs in the competition — with the favourite song being awarded 12 points.

Ties for the first placeEdit

In the event of a tie for first place at the end of the evening, a count is made of the total number of countries who awarded any points at all to each of the tied countries; and the one who received points from the most countries is declared the winner. If the numbers are still tied, it is counted how many sets of maximum marks (12 points) each country received. If there is still a tie, the numbers of 10-point scores awarded are compared—and then the numbers of 8-points, all the way down the list. In the extremely unlikely event of there then still being a tie for first place, the song performed earliest in the running order is declared the winner, unless the host country performed first in the running order. The same tie-break rule now applies to ties for all places.



In the tenth edition, there was introduced "The Top 6". According to the top 6 of the previous edition, the Top 6 changes every edition. In the tenth edition, 7 countries were automatically qualified to the grand final due to only 10 countries participating in the Qualification Round.



#10 Mexico MEX Norway NOR Poland POL Tonga TON Turkey TUR United Kingdom GBR USA USA
#11 Georgia GEO Poland POL Tonga TON Trinidad and Tobago TTO United Kingdom GBR USA USA X
#12 Canada CAN France FRA Gibraltar GIB Greece GRE Moldova MDA Poland POL
#13 Canada CAN Czech Republic CZE Gibraltar GIB Lithuania LTU Puerto Rico PRI Sweden SWE
#14 France FRA Italy ITA Jamaica JAM Poland POL Slovakia SVK Sweden SWE
#15 Australia AUS Gibraltar GIB Japan JPN Lithuania LTU Sweden SWE USA USA
#16 Greece GRE Jamaica JAM Japan JPN Lithuania LTU Poland POL United Kingdom GBR
#17 Barbados BRB Cyprus CYP Gibraltar GIB Japan JPN Netherlands NLD Norway NOR
#18 Australia AUS Canada CAN Finland FIN Norway NOR Romania ROU Sweden SWE
#19 Albania ALB Canada CAN France FRA Georgia GEO Greece GRE US Virgin Islands VIR
#20[1] Canada CAN Colombia COL Kosovo XKX Mexico MEX New Zealand NZL Philippines PHL
Number of auto-qualifications, by country
Amount Country(ies)
5 Poland Poland
4 Canada Canada, Gibraltar Gibraltar, Sweden Sweden
3 France France, Greece Greece, Japan Japan, Lithuania Lithuania, Norway Norway, United Kingdom United Kingdom, USA USA
2 Australia Australia, Georgia Georgia, Jamaica Jamaica, Tonga Tonga
1 Albania Albania, Barbados Barbados, Cyprus Cyprus, Czech Republic Czech Republic, Finland Finland, Italy Italy, Mexico Mexico, Moldova Moldova, Netherlands Netherlands, Puerto Rico Puerto Rico, Romania Romania, Slovakia Slovakia, Trinidad and Tobago Trinidad and Tobago, Turkey Turkey, US Virgin Islands US Virgin Islands

Qualification RoundEdit

It was decided in the tenth contest that the Qualification Round will be introduced. Countries must participate in the QR in order to proceed to the Grand Final. The only countries which are automatically qualified for the grand final are: the host country, and the top five from the previous edition.

After the votes have been cast in the QR, the countries which received the most votes—and will therefore proceed to the grand final —are announced in random order of their ranking. Full voting results are withheld until after the grand final, whereupon they are published by the admin.


18 songs have already won the Sugary Song Contest so far. Bellow is a list of the winners.


Host City


Draw (GF)

Points (GF)

Draw (QR)

Place (QR)

Points (QR)

#01 Slovakia Bratislava Slovakia Slovakia 07 81 No QR
#02 Slovakia Kosice Poland Poland 03 78
#03 Poland Warsaw US Virgin Islands US Virgin Islands 03 85
#04 US Virgin Islands Saint Croix US Virgin Islands US Virgin Islands 08 85
#05 US Virgin Islands Saint Thomas Spain Spain 08 82
#06 Spain Barcelona Poland Poland 02 79
#07 Poland Krakow Åland Åland 09 93
#08 Åland Mariehamn Åland Åland 02 78
#09 Åland Jomala United Kingdom United Kingdom 11 94
#10 United Kingdom London Trinidad and Tobago Trinidad and Tobago 06 125 03 01 92
#11 Trinidad and Tobago Port of Spain France France 12 112 03 01 95
#12 France Paris Puerto Rico Puerto Rico 13 112 07 03 83
#13 Puerto Rico San Juan Italy Italy 05 116 07 01 90
#14 Italy Rome Japan Japan 09 117 12 09 66
#15 Japan Tokyo Lithuania Lithuania 16 110
"Top 6" Member
#16 Lithuania Vilnius Japan Japan 16 115
#17 Japan Yokohama Norway Norway 07 111
#18 Norway Oslo Georgia Georgia 16 135 14 01 92
#19 Georgia Tbilisi Australia Australia 08 141 16 02 86
#20 Australia Canberra TBA TBA TBA TBA TBA TBA
  1. A special edition, where every player received a random country and had to send a song from there.