Sugary Song Contest 20
Director France Estelle
Executive producer France Estelle
Host City Canberra, Australia
Number of entries 22
Voting system Each country awardes 12, 10, 8-1 points to their 10 favourite songs
Winning song {{}}
Sugary Song Contest
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Sugary Song Contest 20, often referred to as SCC #20, is the 20th edition of the Sugary Song Contest. It was held in Canberra, Australia after Kya's victory in the nineteenth edition. This edition was a special one. Players had to send a song from a country they randomly received. The players who were in the Top 6 of the last edition were automatically qualified to the grand final with the new countries. 22 countries participated in the edition with TBD being the twentieth winner of the contest. The runner-up of this edition was TBD, following by TBD on the third position.


Qualification RoundEdit

Draw Country Artist(s) Song Place Points
01 Pakistan Pakistan Zayn "Pillowtalk" 4
02 France France Marina Kaye "Dancing With The Devil"
03 Albania Albania Ronela Hajati "A do si kjo" 3
04 Morocco Morocco Manal "#Denia"
05 Ukraine Ukraine Olga Romanovskaya "Derzhi menya krepche" 1 winner
06 South Africa South Africa margaret cool me down 6
07 Israel Israel Chen Aharoni "Love Suicide" 2
08 Venezuela Venezuela sarsa naucz mnie 7
09 Sweden Sweden Samir & Viktor "Bada Nakna"
10 Belgium Belgium Natalia "Boom" 8
11 Egypt Egypt Nathalie Saba "Snow"
12 Brazil Brazil Luan Santana ft. Double You "Chuva de arroz (New Life)"
13 China China Wanting "You Exist In My Song"
14 Puerto Rico Puerto Rico Melanie Martinez "Soap"
15 Japan Japan BTS "Run"
16 Australia Australia Grace ft. G-Eazy "You Don't Own Me" 5

Grand FinalEdit

Draw Country Artist(s) Song Place Points
03 New Zealand New Zealand Jamie McDell "Crash"
04 QR qualifier
06 Philippines Philippines Hailee Steinfeld "Love Myself" 9
07 Kosovo Kosovo Era Istrefi "Bonbon" 10
08 Canada Canada
09 QR qualifier
11 Mexico Mexico Paulina Rubio ft. Morat "Mi Nuevo Vicio"
12 QR qualifier
13 Colombia Colombia Maluma "Carnaval"
14 QR qualifier